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Henry Field is an acclaimed pianist who returns to the stage after a prolonged absence only to discover he is suddenly afflicted with a severe case of stage fright. Time and old wounds have caught up with the master. Bewildered and about to pack it in, he meets Helen Morrison, a music critic with a kindred spirit and a troubled past of her own. Helen believes that she holds the key to Henry’s sanity, but as their relationship unfolds she might also become his downfall as she confronts him with his greatest challenge yet.

With Patrick Stewart, Katie Holmes and Giancarlo Esposito.
Written by Louis Godbout.
Directed by Claude Lalonde.
Produced by Nicolas Comeau and Clinamen Films.
Distribution: Gravitas Ventures (USA)
Film release: 2020


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Coda movie review: Patrick Stewart, Katie Holmes’ sincere performances make this ‘May-December’ a winner – FirstPost

Coda refuses to rehash the well-worn tropes of this ‘May-December’ subgenre, swapping it out for an almost Bergman-like contemplativeness.

CODA w/actor Sir Patrick Stewart, writer Louis Godbout; – Moderated by Christian Meoli

February 1, 2020 at Arena Cinelounge, Hollywood. Follow moderator & Arena Cinelounge owner/curator Christian Meoli @christianmeoli Follow Arena Cinelounge at @arenacinelounge *Please Be Sure to Like & Subscribe, Thanks!* Twitter: @FrontRowFlynn Instagram: @frontrowflynn Facebook: @FrontRowFlynn Copyright ©

photo-Coda movie

‘Coda’ review: Patrick Stewart in a subtle drama of empathy and ivory – Chicago Sun-Times

Katie Holmes co-stars as an interviewer who turns into sort of a muse. “Minimal prying, I promise.” – Music writer pitching a famed pianist to interview him for a profile piece. Careful! If …
coda movie

‘Coda’: Film Review

“Do we actually need another recording of the Goldberg Variations?” The question, at once impudently cheeky and playfully taunting, is posed in “Coda” by the long-time manager and friend of a world…
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